Dear Retailer / Investor,

Richard de Mos

We gladly invite you to become further acquainted with The Hague, a city with a unique signature that offers visitors an exceptional international shopping experience.

The city centre’s key strength lies in its diversity and size. In recent years, a number of characteristic districts have emerged within the city centre, each with its own unique identity and charm. The Hague city centre has the largest continuous retail area in the Netherlands and attracts over 30 million visitors annually. In addition to its attractive centre, The Hague also boasts a very special seaside living experience, with its vibrant beach area and international zone.

While the rich history and stately ambience can be experienced everywhere throughout the city centre, The Hague manages effortlessly to incorporate modern developments too. In recent years, the centre of The Hague has undergone a complete metamorphosis, and new ambitious investments, especially in the heart of the city, are planned for the coming years.

Retail The Hague provides you with insight into the many possibilities afforded by our dynamic city and, in addition to facts and figures concerning current developments, offers an overview of the main, highly distinctive shopping districts of The Hague.

I hope to welcome you to our city very soon.

Richard de Mos, Deputy Mayor Richard de Mos is The Hague's alderman for Economic Affairs, Sport, Public Space and serves as the acting mayor in the mayor's absence.

International city of peace and justice

The Hague is sometimes called the Royal City by the Sea. As both the seat of government and the monarchy are based in the city, The Hague is home to many foreign embassies. This has fostered the growth of The Hague’s reputation as a global city of increasing diplomatic importance and also ensures that it plays host to numerous international conferences, as well.

The city has a palpable, cosmopolitan ambience due to its spacious layout, stately buildings and modern architecture, all of which combine to make The Hague a naturally convenient and strategic location for entrepreneurs.

Renowned corporations, such as Shell, Siemens and Aegon, have all opted to base their headquarters in the city. The Hague has six international schools, 104 embassies and consulates and some 37,000 business concerns.

The Hague’s international reputation as the City of Peace and Justice continues to gain momentum. In addition to the various major global institutions, The Hague is also home to more than 150 international organisations, including the Permanent Bureau of The Hague Conference for Private International Law.

The UN Security Council set up the Yugoslavia Tribunal here in 1993. In 2002, the International Criminal Court was also established in the city.